Information Services


The City of Cedar Park's Digital Utility


We serve as The City of Cedar Park's Information Technology and Services division. In doing so, it is our Mission to partner with both our internal customers and the citzens of The City of Cedar Park to provide service excellence. We accomplish this through the delivery of optimized, proven, reliable, secure, cost-efficient, flexible and timely utility-based digital information, geospatial, analytical, and emerging technology solutions and services.


The Operations Division provides the maintenance of data and voice systems and the creation, storage, and analysis of a substantial amount of data and information that is used in critical decision-making. It also provides first-class customer support for all technology end-users with desktop support, application server support, network connectivity backups and vital data.

The Applications Division is responsible for all City of Cedar Park application support and all mapping products and applications that directly support:

  • Long-range city planning
  • Asset management
  • Spatial and demographic analysis
  • Project planning
  • Institutional support