Human Resources Policy Manual

The Human Resources Policy Manual is an overview and summary of the City's policies and procedures, which are presently in effect. These policies are established for the information and guidance of the City of Cedar Park's employees. The policies and procedures contained in this manual constitute guidelines only. They do not constitute an employment contract, or part of one; nor are they intended to make any commitment to any employee concerning how individual employment action can, should, or will be handled.


A-1 Introduction to Human Resources Manual

Recruiting and Selection

B-1 employment-at-Will

B-2 Equal Employment Opportunity

B-3 Hiring of Relatives

B-4 Recruitment

B-5 Selection

B-6 Types of Employment

B-7 Promotions

B-8 Transfers

B-9 Reemployment

B-10 Non-Disciplinary Demotions

B-11 Reassignment/Reorganization

Classification and Pay

C-1 Classification and Pay Plans

C-2 Wage and Hour Administration

C-2 Appendix - Designated On-call positions

C-3 Pay Procedures

C-4 Inclement Weather, Natural Disasters, and Emergencies

C-5 Longevity

Health & Retirement Benefits

D-1 Medical, dental and Life Insurance Programs

D-2 Retirement Benefits

D-3 Worker's Compensation


E-1 Holidays

E-2 Vacation Leave

E-3 Sick Leave

E-4 Family Medical Leave

E-5 Bereavement Leave

E-6 Military Leave

E-7 Civic Leave

E-8 Authorized Leave Without Pay

E-9 Return to Work-Temporary Modified Duty

E-10 Leave Limitation

E-11 Catastrophic Leave

E-12 Workplace Lactation Leave

Employee Development

F-1 Performance Evaluation

F-2 Training

F-3 Professional Memberships and Subscriptions

F-4 Educational Reimbursement Program

F-5 Travel

Workplace Standards

G-1 Work Standards and Employee Responsibilities

G-2 Ethical Conduct

G-3 Political Activity

G-4 Unlawful Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment

G-5 Technology Use

G-6 Use of City Property and Accident Reporting

G-7 Privacy Expectations

G-8 Promoting a Secure Workplace

G-9 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

G-10 City Vehicle Operating Standards

G-11 Social Media

Separation From Employment

H-1 Resignation

H-2 Retirement Process

H-3 Reduction-in-Force

Discipline, Complaint, and Appeal Processes

I-1 Disciplinary Action

I-2 Conflict Resolution

I-3 Appeal Procedure