Have a Plan, Make a Kit, Stay Informed

Before a disaster or an emergency, it is important that you and your family are well-prepared. The following are some resources to help you stay informed with accurate, up-to-the-minute information from the City of Cedar Park during an emergency:

Warn Central TexasWarn Central Texas

The City of Cedar Park can text, call or email you in an emergency through our mass notification system, Warn Central Texas. It's one more tool in your toolbox to help you stay informed. In order to receive text alerts, calls, and emails from Warn Central Texas, you must first register your mobile phone, home or business phone, and/or email address. 

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio

A NOAA Weather Radio is the best option for staying informed of developing threats. The NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards network is a robust nationwide alerting system that rapidly broadcasts community specific hazard information. With a NOAA Weather Radio you will be alerted to vital information concerning newly issued severe weather warnings and watches which pose a threat to our community, giving you the ability to take appropriate protective actions to keep yourself and your family safe.

TV News

The City of Cedar Park will communicate with all major print and television news outlets during an emergency or disaster. Please check with your local provider for specific channel information. Our television news stations include:

Local Radio

If you are unable to watch television or log onto the internet, say, for example, your electricity is out, you may access a radio station from battery-operated radio or from your vehicle. The City of Cedar Park will make every effort to communicate with all local radio stations in an emergency or disaster. However, we suggest listening to a news radio station such as 590 AM/99.7 FM KLBJ or KUT 90.5 FM.

Print Media

Our local newspapers and news websites include:

Smart Phone Applications

Smart Phone applications are now available which go beyond the standard weather forecasting services and come close to mirroring the capabilities of a NOAA Weather Radio expanding the warning capabilities of the NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards network to wherever you may go. Whether you are at work or driving to a hockey game you will receive instant alerts for threats in your immediate area via your smartphone.