Civil Service - Police & Fire Job Opportunities

The City of Cedar Park adopted Chapter 143, Municipal Civil Service for Firefighters and Police Officers, of the Texas Local Government Code (TLGC) in October 2003. All Firefighters and Police Officers are classified as Civil Servants and along with the City must adhere to both Chapter 143 of TLGC and City of Cedar Park Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

The City of Cedar Park Rules and Regulations assists with the administration of the civil service system. Christina Cummings, Director of Human Resources, serves as the Civil Service Director performing work incidental to the civil service system as required by the Civil Service Commission.

View a copy of the Cedar Park Civil Service Rules and Regulations (PDF).

The City of Cedar Park actively recruits individuals with a strong sense of Public Service and Public Safety for Entry Level Positions in both Fire and Police Departments. Following are links of scheduled Entry-Level Examinations and/or current Eligibility List for both the Fire and Police Departments.

  1. Fire
  2. Police

Firefighter in Gear Pulling HoseFire Department

Current Firefighter Eligibility List: The eligibility list is comprised of candidates who have passed the Civil Service Examination. The list is ranked by scores. The list will be effective for one year or until the list has been exhausted.

Fire Department Meet & Confer

The City of Cedar Park in accordance with Chapter 142 of the Texas Local Government Code participates in the Meet and Confer process with members of the Fire Department: