The Cedar Park Police Department recognizes and appreciates that public safety is a community-wide effort and that information sharing between residents and law enforcement is key.  With that in mind, we have partnered with tip411 to offer tools that allow you to anonymously submit crime tips/safety concerns to the Police Department and to sign up to receive alerts sent out by CPPD. 

Crime Tip Options

1. Download the free Cedar Park Police Department (CPPD) Tips App:

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Once you've done that, open the App by clicking on it, select the new tip button, type in what you what us to know, and hit the submit button.  Police may respond back to request additional information. If you do not wish to have any further contact with us, you can break the line of communication by deleting the tip on your phone. 

2. You can submit a tip via text.  Text the keyword CPPD and your tip to 847411.  You may also choose to set this feature up as a contact in your phone for easy access.  You can do so by establishing and saving a new contact called 847411.  In the event that you want to text us a tip, open up the messaging feature on your phone, and in the "to" block, select contact 847411.  Then drop to your text box and type in CPPD + your tip and hit send. 

Once a crime tip is sent, you will receive a message indicating that the tip has been forwarded to the Cedar Park Police Department. Cedar Park Police may then respond back to request additional information. If you do not wish to have any further contact with us, text the word "stop" back to 847411 and the line of communication will be broken.

3. The website, RAIDS Online, provides you with the capacity to map criminal activity.  If you believe you have information about an incident, click on the location and the "tip411 submit an anonymous tip" link. 

Please Note: tip411 is not a substitute for calling the Cedar Park Police Department to report an in-progress incident. If an immediate response is needed, please dial 911.

Public Safety Alerts

The Cedar Park Police Department works diligently to investigate and analyze crimes and attempted crimes.  We then use that knowledge to work towards preventing and discouraging future criminal behavior.  In the event that we have non-emergency safety information to share, we will do so by utilizing the tip411 alert tool. 

You have the ability to customize your alert subscription.  You may choose the neighborhood or area that you are interested in by signing up for an account using the following link: Cedar Park Police Department Public Safety Alert Sign Up Once you've logged in, you will be taken to a screen that displays a link called Cedar Park Police Department on the top right-hand side of the screen.  Click on that link to be taken to the list of neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and business districts.  You may log back in and change your settings any time you like.

The Public Safety Alerts are different from Warn Central Texas which we also encourage you to sign up for.  With it, you will receive emergency alerts from the City of Cedar Park. The Department also frequently utilizes Facebook and Twitter to communicate with residents.  We invite you to like us and follow us to get all the latest from CPPD. 

If you have questions or feedback about the tip411 sign-up process, please email Police Department during normal business hours.