Core Values


We strive to improve, promote and help the community where we work and live. We are bridge builders that encourage opportunities to connect our residents, businesses, and visitors.


Our commitment to excellent service is at the core of what we do. We exhibit pride, enthusiasm, and dedication in our work and strive to improve the community and better people's lives.


We provide positive influences for citizens. We overcome obstacles and move forward in a direction that follows our community vision.


We have a healthy desire to improve Cedar Park and support the use of original and creative methods to better the City. We believe that discovering new ideas and embracing change provides more opportunities for success.


We are an efficient and responsive organization providing the highest level of knowledge and expertise. Through our work, we promote fairness, dignity, and respect for our customers and workforce.


We adhere to the highest ethical standards. We are honorable, fair, and sincere and strive to uphold our organizational values with our decisions and in our actions. We understand that trust is earned through good character.

Fiscal Responsibility

As stewards of public resources, we aim to prudently utilize those resources while always operating with the goal of delivering value and sustaining long-term success.