City Council Meetings

Cedar Park hybrid in-person/videoconferencing format for public meetings.

The City of Cedar Park's Public City meetings is subject to an Open Meetings Act. These meetings are held in a hybrid in-person/videoconferencing format.

While some City staff and some Council Members will attend in-person, other Council Members, outside consultants, and some presenters will join remotely. The public is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to attend the meeting remotely.


On May 26, 2022, the City of Cedar Park amended the City Council Rules of Procedure presentation guidelines to limit the time allocated for applicant presentations.

  • Applicant presentations are now limited to eight minutes, exclusive of, Councilmember discussion and questions and responses between the Council and applicant.
  • Public Communication time allocation remains the same at three minutes.
  • In both instances, the giving or transferring of a person's speaking time is prohibited.
  1. Members of the Public Choosing to Participate Remotely
  • All regularly scheduled open meetings will be live streamed on our website as usual via CPTV-10.
  • You may watch the live meeting television broadcast, as always, on Spectrum Channel 10.110 or on AT&T UVerse Channel 99.

If you only wish to watch a meeting and not speak, there is nothing you need to do but use one of the methods listed above to view the meeting live.

  1. If You Would like to Speak During the Meeting
  1. If You Have a Presentation You Would like to Share