Animal Control

acThe Department's Animal Control Team is committed to protecting domestic animals from abuse and neglect and protecting citizens from dangerous animals.

They do so by:

  • Investigating concerns related to barking dogs, animal bites, ongoing issues with animals, and animal abuse. 
  • Impounding and quarantining animals to address safety and health concerns
  • Issuing citations for violations of City Ordinance [PDF] or state law.

Animal Adoption

Animal adoptions are handled by the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.  As a Department, we love seeing animals in healthy and happy homes where they do well and are cherished.  If you are interested in providing that kind of home to an animal, we invite you to learn more about the adoption process.


Rabies is a terrible disease that is dangerous to animals and people.  The sooner we can confirm a rabies case, the better.  There are specific signs and symptoms that you can look for to gauge whether an animal may be rabid:

  • Dehydrated or emaciated (skinny) appearance
  • Walking in circles or clumsily walking with no apparent physical injury
  • Failure to drink anything
  • Nocturnal wildlife is seen out during the day (extremely rare)

If you believe an animal is rabid, please call Animal Control immediately at 512-260-4600 ext. 0

Loose Animals

Call 512-260-4600 ext. 0 to report loose animals. If Animal Control picked up your pet, it will be taken to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

Wild Animals

Animal Control can set up humane traps for wildlife on your property if requested.  Once a healthy animal has been trapped, please contact us and we will relocate them.  If you use a non-City-owned trap, it is your responsibility to relocate them. A member of Animal Control will remove the animal only if it is injured or appears unhealthy. 

Bees and Wasps

Animal Control does not remove bees or wasps.  If you are dealing with an issue involving one or both, please contact the pest control company of your choice to address the matter.  

Dangerous Animals

Please call Animal Control at 512-260-4600 ext. 0 to report dangerous animals.  A member of the team will follow up for an evaluation and determination.

Animal Bites

Animal bites can be dangerous so if an animal breaks, punctures, or tears skin, please call Animal Control at 512-260-4600 ext. 0 as soon as possible.