Planning & Zoning Meetings

Boards and Commissions meetings are being held in a hybrid in-person/videoconferencing format. Members of the public have the choice to attend in-person or participate remotely.

The videoconferencing is powered by WebEx. This technology allows the public to not only watch meetings live and see all members who are in attendance, but also participate in meetings (when applicable) such as speaking during citizen communication and public hearings.

  1. Members Of The Public Choosing To Participate Remotely
  • All regularly scheduled open meetings will be live streamed on our website as usual via CPTV-10.
  • You may watch the live meeting television broadcast, as always, on Spectrum Channel 10.110 or on AT&T UVerse Channel 99.

If you only wish to watch a meeting and not speak, there is nothing you need to do but use one of the methods listed above to view the meeting live.

  1. If You Would like to Speak During the Meeting
  1. IF You Have a Presentation You Would like to Share