Fireworks Ban

Only professional, licensed fireworks displays will be allowed.

The Cedar Park Police Department will strictly enforce the fireworks ordinance. This ordinance applies to all areas within the city limits and the unincorporated areas within 5,000 feet of the city limits as stated in the Cedar Park Code of Ordinances (Article 5.05 Fireworks) (PDF). Maximum fine for this offense is $2,000. For more information, contact the Cedar Park Police Department at 512-260-4600.

Fireworks that are allowed to be used in Cedar Park are products that do not explode or fly up into the air. Examples include sparklers, blooming flowers, snaps, etc.


To report the use of fireworks in your area, call the Cedar Park Police at 512-260-4600, ext. 0. Please have the violator's full address for the police department when making your call.

View a map covering the 5,000 Feet Buffer Zone (PDF).