Accreditation and Class 1 ISO Rating


Cedar Park Fire Department is an accredited agency by the Commission on Fire AccreditationCommission on Fire Accreditation International International (CFAI) since 2014 and is one of only 13 fire departments in the state of Texas to become accredited. This internationally recognized accreditation shows that the agency takes extra steps to ensure high-quality fire and emergency services through self-assessment, third party verification and validation, and continue looking for opportunities for improvement.

For more information, visit the CFAI website

Class 1 ISO Rating

Residents living within the city limits of Cedar Park may be eligible for a reduction in their homeowner insurance premiums as a result of its Insurance Services Office's (ISO) Public Protection Classification (PPC) 1 rating. Call your insurance agent to find out more. Should you have questions or need additional assistance, contact Susan Yount with the Cedar Park Fire Department at 512-401-5222.

Cedar Park ISO 1

The City of Cedar Park has earned an ISO Class 1 rating. ISO is the leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, and underwriting information for and about the property/casualty insurance industry. The ISO PPC ratings for a community provide the foundation on which most insurers build their coverage programs. The quality of the fire department, the water supply and hydrant locations, the communication systems, the building codes, and the building inspection programs determine a community's rating. ISO ratings range from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most favorable. Property insurance companies use ISO ratings to set insurance premium rates: the lower the ISO rating, the lower the insurance premium.

For additional information pertaining to City of Cedar Park's ISO rating, view the 2015 ISO Letter (PDF).