Utility Debt Service Fee - Twin Creeks & Bella Vista

If you live in Twin Creeks or Bella Vista, you may have noticed a Utility Debt Service fee on your monthly Water Utility statement. This fee is related to the annexation of these neighborhoods that took place in December of 2014. Twin Creeks and Bella Vista were previously located in Water Control and Improvement Districts (WCIDs) or Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs), which had pre-existing debt that was absorbed by the City upon annexation. This type of debt is not typically paid by the City for other residential developments within the City and is not serviced under the uniform tax rate, so in order to service this assumed debt the City imposes a Debt Service Fee to residents of Twin Creeks and Bella Vista for a term not to exceed 15 years. Further information is detailed below. For additional questions related to this fee, please contact Utility Billing at 512-401-5300 or by email.


The City Council voted on December 11, 2014 to annex Twin Creeks (WCID 1F and 1G) and Bella Vista (Bella Vista MUD) under a voluntary full-purpose annexation, effective December 22, 2014. Residents received informational packets in the mail regarding the annexation and city services. You can read an electronic version of the Welcome Packet (PDF).

Following are some frequently asked questions with links to answers about the reasons for the annexation and the process leading up to it. Click on each link to find a detailed explanation in response to each question.

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