Project Criteria - Type B Board

Prior to consideration by the Cedar Park Community Development Corporation, potential projects must be in compliance with, and/or not conflict with, any of the following:

  1. The state statute governing Section Type B corporations
  2. Any long-term goals, master plans, or comprehensive plans adopted by the City of Cedar Park
  3. The goals and objectives of the Cedar Park Community Development Corporation such as Project implementation must be on a realistic foreseeable timeline. Emphasis on and preference for community development projects where the investment of Type B funds contributes to the acquisition or development of publicly owned assets (as opposed to private economic development projects).


Quality of Life

  1. Community Need/Uniqueness - Is there a void in the city that this project would fill?
  2. Will the project fulfill a need that is important to the community? 
  3. Will this project impact the community in a positive way? 
  4. Community Impact/Identity - Does the project increase awareness of city identity?


Will the new public infrastructure required for the project be necessary for the future regardless of the project?


Given the ratio of the cost of the project to the expected number of users (beneficiaries) of the project, is the project worthwhile compared to other potential projects of a similar nature?

Matching Funds/Leverage

Does the requested Type B Board commitment significantly leverage other funds for the project?

Economic Impact

To what extent will the project provide positive economic benefits?

O&M/Fiscal Impact

To what extent will the project have a positive (or negative) fiscal impact on the City of Cedar Park?

Level of Service/Equity

To what extent does the project improve the level of service equity within Cedar Park for residents? Based on the estimated usage of the proposed project, what percentage of the population would this project benefit?


To what extent will the project fail or be significantly impaired without the involvement of the Type Board?


Is the project feasible to implement in a reasonable length of time?