Travel & Tourism

Welcome to the City of Cedar Park! That's the most common phrase you'll hear uttered in our Travel and Tourism Office. If you're visiting Cedar Park or if you're new to the area, please be sure to stop by our office and pick up some literature on local attractions and meet our fantastic Travel and Tourism staff. You should also be sure to visit our Travel and Tourism website!


The City of Cedar Park's Travel and Tourism Department is to support the positioning of Cedar Park as a destination city by defining and recommending appropriate use of funding mechanisms to promote the community's events, attractions, resources and lodging opportunities to appropriate segments of the traveling public.

Departmental Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Travel and Tourism Department include coordinating with local attractions to maintain a list of activities, development and implementation of marketing strategies, monitoring responses and data from marketing and advertising efforts, working with groups looking to host events in local meeting spaces, providing support to local hotels and attractions, and serving as the liaison for the city.