Bulk Trash


For items that do not fit in the cart, a secondary truck will service these items. The second truck may arrive before or after the automated truck to service extra trash.

  1. Trees / Limbs
  2. Bulk Items
  3. Special & Disabled Services

Bundled trimmings no more than 4 feet long, 4 inches around, and under 40 poundsIf your limbs are small enough, or can be cut and bundled, you can add them to your trash as part of your seven extra bulk items outside of your trash cart for our provider, Central Texas Refuse (CTR), to collect. If you would like CTR to collect your tree, shrub or brush trimmings please make sure they are securely bundled and tied, forming an easily-handled package:

  • No more than four feet in length
  • No more than four inches in diameter
  • No more than 40 pounds in weight