Cross Connection & Backflow Prevention Programs

Cross Connection

The City of Cedar Park's Cross-Connection (CC) program is responsible for protecting the City's public water supply by regulating the installation, testing, re-testing and certification of testable backflow prevention assemblies and certified backflow assembly testers.

To view the Cross-Connection Program requirements, visit the Cedar Park Code of Ordinances, then view section 18.09 Cross-Connection Control.


The City of Cedar Park has contracted with Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI) to administer our cross-connection control/backflow tracking program. The City will be utilizing BSI Online for all annual test report submittals. Initial test reposts for new devices should be submitted using the Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Form" below.

All annual backflow assembly test reports must be submitted electronically by the testing company via the BSI Online system. There is a filing fee of $12.95 per test report submitted.

Access the Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Form (PDF) that is to be used for new devices and temporary construction fire hydrant meters.