Court Dockets / Documents

  • On this page we have provided common court forms.
  • If you are requesting a Payment Plan, you must fill out the Affidavit of Ability to Pay.
  • If you are requesting to take a Driver's Safety Course for a moving violation, the Driver's Safety Request Form must be completed.
  • For any other pending action in your case other than payment in full, (including motions for continuance and pleas of not guilty), you must fill out the Personal Data Sheet, which is provided. For questions regarding these forms, please contact the court.


Nearly all hearings in the Cedar Park Municipal Court are held in-person. Remote hearings may be held under certain, limited circumstances if approved by the Judge.

Request Remote Hearings

If you would like to request a remote hearing, you must submit a signed, written request to the Judge, explaining the reason for your request. You must also include photo identification with the request. If your request for a remote hearing is granted, it will be held using the Zoom platform. You can attend your remote hearing on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, however for best results, please connect to a strong Wi-Fi signal rather than attempting to use cellular data.

Please read the Zoom Instructions (PDF) prior to your remote hearing to minimize technical difficulties, and to ensure that you can access your hearing.

Do Not Drive

Please note that you may not be driving at any time during your Zoom hearing, including when you are in a Zoom waiting room. If you are found to be driving at any point during your appearance, you will immediately be removed from the Zoom hearing, and will not be allowed to rejoin that day. It will be your responsibility to contact the Court to determine what your remaining options are. Failure to contact the Court may result in a fine increase, a hold being placed on your driver's license, your case being sent to private collections, or a warrant being issued for your arrest.

View Remote Hearings & Trials

Hearings and trials that are held remotely, via Zoom, can be viewed by the public on the Cedar Park Municipal Court YouTube Channel.