Board of Adjustment (BOA)/ Building & Standards Commission (BSC)


  • Vacant, Place 1
  • John Galella, Place 2
  • Jana Bintz, Place 3
  • Vacant, Place 4
  • Vacant, Place 5
  • Vacant, Place 6
  • James Freeman, Place 7

The Board is comprised of seven members appointed by the City Council. Members must be residents of the City of Cedar Park and can be removed from the board at the will of the Council.


Each Board Member serves a two-year term.


The Board of Adjustment was created for the purpose of interpreting or modifying zoning regulations in particular cases as circumstances may require. This Board is in charge of approving variances to building setbacks and special exceptions to other ordinances. Since its determinations in this respect are that of a quasi-judicial body, its judgments and decrees are afforded a presumption of legality by state law. The Board may additionally hear and determine cases concerning alleged violations of the ordinances of the City of Cedar Park regarding the preservation of public safety as it relates to materials or methods used to construct a building or the safety of a building. The Board is also charged with hearing and deciding appeals that allege error in an order, requirement, decision, or determination by code interpretations made by the Chief Building Official or Fire Marshal.

The Building and Standards Commission serves to address public nuisance structures (i.e. dilapidated houses, etc.) within the City. BSC members are jointly appointed to the Board of Adjustment (BOA).

Time Commitment

The Board meets on an "as needed" basis. The meetings are held in the evening and are approximately 2 to 4 hours in duration. Additional time is required to read relevant reports and documentation. Special meetings with the City Council are scheduled on an as-needed basis.