Reading Recommendations

Cedar Park Public Library (CPPL) is happy to offer a variety of different sources for book recommendations!

  1. CPPL to Go! - Adults

CPPL to Go! - AdultsLet our librarians hand-pick items for you to enjoy! Pick your format, and then answer as many of the other questions as you'd like (the more information you provide increases the likelihood you'll enjoy your grab bag).

We'll pick items for you that are currently available on the shelf. You'll be notified when you can pick them up.

Fill out the online CPPL to Go! - Adults Form and get started!

  1. CPPL to Go! - Youth
  1. CPPL to Go! - Grab Bags
  1. Booklists on Our Catalog
  1. How to Search & Place Holds
  1. New Title Tuesdays on YouTube
  1. Texas Bluebonnet Award List 2021 to 2022
  1. BookPage
  1. Cedar Park Public Library on Goodreads