Cedar Park Sculpture Garden

About the Garden

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden is located next to the Cedar Park Recreation Center at 1435 Main Street in Cedar Park.  The Sculpture Garden is an exhibit of sculptures that are on an annual rotating display.

Most works of art on display, with the exception of those that are part of the City of Cedar Park’s permanent art collection, are on loan from the artists and are available for sale. However, the artists have agreed to leave their works on display in the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden for a period of at least one year. The City of Cedar Park will periodically issue a Call to Artists to submit their work to be considered for display in the Sculpture Garden. 

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden is supported by the local hotel-motel tax (HOT funds) and by donations made by residents and businesses through their water billing statements. The City encourages Cedar Park residents and businesses to patronize local hotels and motels for out-of-town visitors and to “check the box” on water bills to support art in Cedar Park. Additionally, the City of Cedar Park gratefully accepts individual and corporate donations to help support public art in Cedar Park, including the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden.

Current Displays

Balancing Apple

Balancing Apple Sculpture

Title: Balancing Apple
Artist:  Cindy Debold 
Materials: Stainless steel
Price: $12,500


Dancing Artist Sculpture

Title: Dancing 
Artist: Randy Halsted 
City of Cedar Park Permanent Collection


Family sculpture

Title: Family

Artist: Elizabeth Bonura

Materials: Cement with bronze metal coating

Freshwater Cowgirl

Freshwater Cowgirl Sculpture

Title: Freshwater Cowgirl 
Artist: Anthony St James 
City of Cedar Park Permanent Collection

Goats are Browsers

Goats are Browsers Sculpture

Title: Goats are Browsers
Artist: Christina Broussard 
Materials: Pal-Tiya and steel
Price: $3500



Title: Kenopsia
Artist: Caroline Walker 
Materials: Steel
Price: $8,000

Not the Same, but the Same Knot

Not the Same, but the Same Knot

Title: Not the Same, but the Same Knot
Artist: Shana Martin
Materials:  Metal and retired rock-climbing rope
Price: $2,000


Sentinel Sculpture

Title: Sentinel
Artist: Ralph Moresco 
Materials: Steel 
City of Park Permanent Collection

The Family

The Family Sculpture

Title: The Family
Artist: Warren Cullar 
Materials: Paint Stone Metal 
City of Cedar Park Permanent Collection


Twist Sculpture

Title: Twist
Artist: Peter Mangan
Materials: Steel, glass, stainless steel, copper and brass


Wings Sculpture

Title: Wings
Artist: Kirk Seese
City of Cedar Park Permanent Collection

Zig Zag Fish

Zigzag Fish Sculpture

Title: Zig Zag Fish
Artist: Laura Sturtz
Materials: Recycled aluminum, steel and paint
Price: $2,200