Guidelines & Policies

Using the Building

  • Cedar Park Public Library Code of Conduct
  • Child Safety Guidelines
    • Parents and guardians are responsible for their children at all times on Library premises.
  • CPPL Computer Use and Internet Safety Policy
  • Solicitation Policy
    • Policy Regarding Third Party Solicitation (PDF): The City of Cedar Park (the "City") hereby prohibits all solicitation by any person at, on, or within all facilities owned by and under the active control of the City without the prior written authorization of the City Council and/or City Manager.

The Library Collection

Let us know what items the Library should consider purchasing for the community!

  • Suggest a Purchase
    • Suggest a Purchase Link
    • Requests will be considered according to our Collection Development Policy.
    • Only Cedar Park Public Library (CPPL) cardholders can make requests.
    • Please limit to 5 requests per household per month.
    • Before filling out the form, please check for the title in our digital services. You might be able to download your item today!
  • Collection Development

Social Media

  • Library Social Media Guidelines: The City of Cedar Park's presence on social media and the City website ( and any other City-owned web domains, is intended to provide official City information and foster a dialogue with our citizens.

Privacy Statement

  • The Cedar Park Public Library is committed to the protection of all Library customers' rights to privacy in the use of Library resources and discloses customer information to the customer only. Records of customer transactions are kept only as long as is required to collect administrative statistics and then are erased. Library records will only be disclosed under court order, subpoena, or warrant as outlined in the state statute, Texas Government Code, Section 552.124 and the surveillance provisions included in the U.S. Patriot Act (Public Law 107-56).