2023 Resident Survey Results

Resident Survey Results

As part of the City of Cedar Park’s ongoing commitment to customer service, a random sampling of Cedar Park residents was surveyed in the spring of 2023. Out of a scientific sample of 4,167 households, 410 people returned surveys and there is a five percent margin of error.  The 2023 Resident Survey looks at national benchmarks and ranks Cedar Park against these other benchmark cities nationally. It also provides an opportunity to look at full trends – or trends over time – for the City of Cedar Park.  

2023 resident-survey-resultsHighlights this year include an increase in percent positive responses that the Cedar Park community is doing a better job of making all residents feel welcome and valuing/respecting residents of diverse backgrounds. Citizens gave especially positive feedback regarding various facets of community livability. The surveys revealed that Cedar Park ranks higher than national benchmarks in quality of life in general when compared with hundreds of benchmark cities nationwide. Major themes include the following reasons why nine in ten residents say they love Cedar Park:

  • Place to live
  • Place to raise children
  • Quality of Life
  • Feelings of safety
  • Economic health

In the 2023 survey, residents also expressed a high level of confidence in their City government, with participants’ evaluations of Cedar Park’s governance trending higher than the national benchmarks. About three-quarters of survey participants positively rated the overall direction that Cedar Park is taking and City government treating all residents fairly, being honest, acting in the best interest of the City and being open and transparent to the public.