Bell Park Project

The Bell Park project is funded by a combination of Community Development Corporation Type B Board funds and 2022 General Obligation Bond funds. 20.620_Bell Park__DRAFT 3D EXHIBITS_2023.11.07_Page_2The project site is located on approximately 15 acres of land along Cluck Creek, adjacent to the new Bell District and the new Cedar Park Public Library.

The design of Bell Park has been closely coordinated with the design of the Bell District including the City’s New Library and the Backyard space led by the District’s master developer, RedLeaf. The scope of the project includes approximately 4,000 linear feet of new trail, of which approximately 3,700 linear feet is a concrete shared-use path. This shared-use path will provide a connection for the neighborhoods to the West of Bell District and at Bell Boulevard, connecting to the city’s broader trail network as it is developed.

Additional scope in this project includes:

- a restroom facility in the Backyard space, which is central to the overall district;

- a Trailhead with a pavilion and facility to house a restroom, storage space and waste collection; 

- natural spaces;

- art installments;

- use of unique, creative lighting to highlight spaces of special interest;

- and a custom playscape designed and constructed by MONSTRUM.

The award of the Construction contract was approved by the City Council on November 9, 2023 and construction is set to commence in December 2023, with completion expected to coincide with the completion of the Library in Fall 2024.