The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden
1435 Main Street
(adjacent to the Cedar Park Recreation Center in Town Center neighborhood)
Parks & Recreation: 512-401-5500

The PACE Board is now accepting applications for entries for display in the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden. Click here or below to learn more!

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Taste of Cedar Park 2015






The above video is from the 2015 Taste of Cedar Park event.

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden is located next to the Cedar Park Recreation Center at 1435 Main Street in Cedar Park.  The Sculpture Garden is an exhibit of sculptures that are on an annual rotating display. This year’s new collection features 12 sculptures by Texas artists Mosaic Gabrielle with Marc Lane, Laura Sturtz, George Sabra, Cindy Debold, Julian Mercado, Dan Pogue, Siri Dehipitiya, Warren Cullar and Marco Rubino. The sculptures’ media range from bronze, to aluminum, to wood, glass and cement..

Most works of art on display, with the exception of two that are part of the City of Cedar Park’s permanent art collection, are on loan from the artists and are available for sale. However, the artists have agreed to leave their works on display in the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden for a period of at least one year. The City of Cedar Park will periodically issue a Call to Artists to submit their work to be considered for display in the Sculpture Garden.

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden was the first major project of the former 2012-2013 Arts Advisory Board, which was comprised of seven City Council appointees: Sheela Goodrich (Chair, Place One), Ursula Overdiek (Place Two), Andy deBruyn (Place Three), Michael Vermeereen (Place Four), PJ (Paul) Gorski (Place Five), Vacant (Place Six) ,and Mark Ledyard (Place Seven). It is now maintained by the Parks, Arts and Community Enrichment (PACE) Board which consists of City Council appointees Dick Lewis (Place One), Carl Abseck (Place Two), Julie Hastings (Place Three), Dimitri Nichols (Place Four), Mary McCarthy (Place Five), Kathleen Harman (Place Six) and Andy deBruyn (Place Seven).

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden is supported by the local hotel-motel tax (HOT funds) and by donations made by residents and businesses through their water billing statements. The City encourages Cedar Park residents and businesses to patronize local hotels and motels for out-of-town visitors, and to “check the box” on water bills to support art in Cedar Park. Additionally, the City of Cedar Park gratefully accepts individual and corporate donations to help support public art in Cedar Park, including the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden.


Name of piece, artist, materials, cost, artist contact information

Inspiration/meaning of piece, in artists' own words 
 Stained glass and mirror sculpture of three water jets

Trois Jets d'Eau
Mosaic Gabrielle and Marc Lane

Stained glass, vitreous, 24K gold, mirrors, metal, laticrete, thinset
8' x 5'

"Trois Jets d’Eau represents a water fountain with three water spouts; a representation of water movement and water drops as if they were frozen in time. We used iridescent glass and mirrors to pick up different colors from its surrounding and reflect the colors of the landscape. This is not a water feature but it can easily be turned into one".
 Sculpture of birds

Laura Sturtz

Aluminum birds, steel rods
16" x 16", various heights
$130 per bird

 Granite and marble sculpture in flame shape

The Flame
George Sabra

13' x 6' x 6'
Granite and marble



Life is a Balancing Act
Cindy Debold

60” x  52” x 40"
City of Cedar Park Permanent Collection


“Life always seems to have changes and we are continuing to need to readjust to keep our balance.”

 Sculpture of two open cubes

Two Cubes
Julian Mercado
8' x 8' x 8'

"My work is mostly geometric and simple, the two cubes playing the harmonic relationship between the perfection and imperfection, the oriented and disoriented, the vibrant colors and the dark colors. I feel motivated for the nice space in the garden and I hope the public enjoys this beautiful space."

 Sculpture of two zebras

Matching Pair
Dan Pogue
Cast bronze
71" x 24" x 24"

"Matching Pair is part of a series of African animals entitled 'Bright Shapes and Missing Pieces'. It is cast in bronze. I create the design in clay, make a mold and wax pattern to cast from.
I wanted to create a zebra because the stripes work well with the black and bright polished bronze areas. I decided two would make an interesting design."
 Sculpture of dancing

Let's Dance
Siri Dehipitiya


"Dancing emanates from collective emotions of happiness, joy, elation cheerfulness and or any feelings which are pleasant. Dancing in an embrace between two people depicts the overflowing love and I used a pleasing pose of a dancing couple to transcend my emotion to my audience."
 Sculpture by Siri D Gotcha Bird with Fish
Siri Dehipitiya

Cement, metal
48" x 78"
City of Cedar Park Permanent Collection
“Birds inspire me. They wander freely in the endless, limitless skies, reminding me of artists who are free to express with no boundaries. I have been engaged in sculpting human figures in clay for many years. After my training at Austin Community College in metal sculpting, I decided to create this piece as for a change in my pace and as a tribute to my inspirers.”
 Sculpture of scissors cutitng paper

Play the Game
Warren Cullar

Cast bronze on steel balance
6' x 28" x 18"

"Play the Game takes us back to our childhood when we solved the unsolvable problems using 'rock-paper- scissors'. The first idea came when I was working in my sculpture studio alongside another artist. We both looked up and said rock-paper-scissors at the same time. (It is) a simple idea expressed in bronze and identified by people around the world."
 Bronze sculpture

Zen Balance
Warren Cullar

Cast bronze on steel balance
6' x 24" x 9"

"Zen Balance developed from a series of sculptures of my 'bronze rocks'. Developing the real- looking rocks and wanting to find unique ways to make a simple statement, I created dozens of sketches. The ring set the stones in a frame. The opening with the center rock changes the natural world. The title developed because my purpose is to stress balance in my work, my life and my checkbook."
 Cement sculpture of mother holding child

Siri Dehipitiya

5'2" x 3'

"Unconditional bonding between mother and child is universal. The essence of this principal extends beyond human domain into the animals.  I made a relentless effort to express the beauty and reverence of this love into the creation."

Texas Spirit
Marco Rubino

Painted steel
80" x 29" x 18"

"What I felt when I came to Texas a long time ago, was the sense of a vast place with friendly people who have a unique sense of pride and approach life by taking things easy and having fun. This sculpture was inspired by that sense of freedom, joyfulness, and love of wide spaces. That is what this female face signifies to me."

The above video is from the 2013 grand opening of the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden.

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden
1435 Main Street
(adjacent to the Cedar Park Recreation Center in Town Center neighborhood)
Parks & Recreation: 512-401-5500

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