Sign Control Board

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Sign Control Board (SCB)

In certain circumstances, the City may order removal of nonconforming signs that are no longer permitted. State law and City ordinance establish procedures that the City must follow when requiring removal of this type of sign. In some instances, owners of a sign that is to be removed may be entitled to compensation.

The mission of the Sign Control Board is to apply applicable provisions of State law and City ordinance as the means of determining the form and amount of compensation that may be due the owner of a sign that is to be removed.

Time Commitment: The Board meets on an “as needed” basis. The meetings are held in the evening and are approximately 2-4 hours in duration. Additional time is required to read relevant reports and documentation. Special meetings with the City Council are scheduled on an as needed basis.

Term: Each Board Member shall be appointed to serve a term of two (2) years.

Members: In accordance with State law and City ordinance, Sign Control Board membership is limited to the following: 

(1) Two (2) real estate appraisers registered with the Society of Real Estate Appraisers or the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers 

(2) One (1) person engaged in the sign business in the municipality 

(3) One (1) employee of the state department of highways and public transportation who is familiar with real estate valuations in eminent domain proceedings, and 

(4) One (1) architect or landscape architect licensed by this state.