Parks, Arts and Community Enrichment (PACE)

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Notice of Possible Quorum- February 23, 2018 Cancellation Notice

Notice of Possible Quorum - February 23, 2018

Cedar Park Community Sculpture Garden
 Call for Entries

The Park, Arts and Community Enrichment (PACE) Advisory Board would like to invite you to become an exciting part of Cedar Park by submitting your work for a year-long period of display in the Cedar Park Community Sculpture Garden. The Board will accept entries of large-scale, free-standing and interactive sculptures and welcomes all artists - professional, amateur and student.

To have your work considered for display, complete the Sculpture Garden Entry Form (click button below) and mail to:

City of Cedar Park, c/o Kimberly Reese, 450 Cypress Creek Rd. Bldg 1 Cedar Park, TX 78613
or email all materials to
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Artwork Exhibit Call for Entries 

The Cedar Park PACE Board is excited to announce a new program which will offer a gallery space in the Cedar Park Public Library (located at 550 Discovery Blvd.) and in the City Council Chambers (450 Cypress Creek Rd. Bldg. 4) where local artists can exhibit their two-dimensional works of art. Displaying your work in the Cedar Park Library or the Council Chambers is a great opportunity to showcase your art to a wide audience. The library hosts an average of over 800 visitors on any given day and the City Council Chambers is the location for a variety of public meetings which attract a wide variety of viewers.

To have your work considered for display, please complete the Artwork Exhibit Application (click button below) and return it via email to  

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In October 2009, the City Council created the Public Art program. The goals of the program are to promote and encourage public art programs, further the development, awareness and interest in the visual arts, create an enhanced visual environment, and promote tourism and economic vitality.

The program will be funded using a "percent for the arts" mechanism in which 1% of eligible Capital Improvement Projects' (CIP) budget is dedicated to public art, a portion of the revenues generated by the Hotel Occupancy Tax, and by donation to the Public Art Fund made by water customers on their water bills (beginning January 1, 2010).

Donate to the Public Art Fund

Parks, Arts, and Community Enrichment (PACE) Board
The purpose of the Parks, Arts, & Community Enrichment (PACE) Board is to assist with the development and promotion of a comprehensive cultural and recreational enrichment program for the City. The PACE Board will help enhance the high quality of life in Cedar Park for residents and create a unique and positive experience for visitors, advise the City Council on the development, maintenance, protection and enhancement of parks and public art, and promote the beautification, economic vitality, and attractiveness of Cedar Park through parks, arts, culture and recreation.

Time Commitment: Meetings are held once a month, on the second Monday of each month, and special meetings are held as needed. The meetings are held in the evening and are approximately two hours in duration. Additional time may be required for outside meetings to visit sites, and to read relevant reports and documentation. Special meetings with the City Council are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Term: Each Board Member serves a two-year term

Members: The Board is comprised of seven members appointed by the City Council. Members must be residents of the City of Cedar Park, and can be removed from the board at the will of Council.

Board Members*:
Virginia Hernandez, Place One
Carl Abseck, Place Two
Julie Hastings, Place Three, Vice-Chairman
Dimitri Nichols, Place Four
Shellie McMahon, Place Five
Kathleen Harman, Place Six, Chairman
Andy deBruyn, Place Seven, Secretary


Here are the agendas for the Parks, Arts and Community Enrichment Board in order by year.  Just click on the year you are looking for:


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*This is a newly-created advisory board.  For more information on our Boards and Commissions, and for a membership application, please click here.

Choose the following link to view the handbook for Parks, Arts and Community Enrichment Board Members.