Cedar Park Sculpture Garden

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Along the walking trail at the Cedar Park Recreation Center

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Location: 1435 Main Street
(adjacent to the Cedar Park Recreation Center in Town Center neighborhood)
The PACE Board is now accepting applications for entries for display in the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden. Click here or below to learn more.


About the Sculpture Garden

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden is located next to the Cedar Park Recreation Center at 1435 Main Street in Cedar Park.  The Sculpture Garden is an exhibit of sculptures that are on an annual rotating display. This year’s new collection features 12 sculptures by Texas artists Ralph Moresco, Anthony St. James, George Sabra, Cindy Debold, Bob Coffee, Dan Pogue, Siri Dehipitiya, Warren Cullar and Eva Hemmi. The sculptures’ media range from bronze, to aluminum, to wood, glass and cement..

Most works of art on display, with the exception of two that are part of the City of Cedar Park’s permanent art collection, are on loan from the artists and are available for sale. However, the artists have agreed to leave their works on display in the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden for a period of at least one year. The City of Cedar Park will periodically issue a Call to Artists to submit their work to be considered for display in the Sculpture Garden.

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden was the first major project of the former 2012-2013 Arts Advisory Board, which was comprised of seven City Council appointees: Sheela Goodrich (Chair, Place One), Ursula Overdiek (Place Two), Andy deBruyn (Place Three), Michael Vermeereen (Place Four), PJ (Paul) Gorski (Place Five), Vacant (Place Six) ,and Mark Ledyard (Place Seven). It is now maintained by the Parks, Arts and Community Enrichment (PACE) Board which consists of City Council appointees Virginia Hernandez (Place One), Carl Abseck (Place Two), Julie Hastings (Place Three), Dimitri Nichols (Place Four), Mary McCarthy (Place Five), Kathleen Harman (Place Six) and Andy deBruyn (Place Seven).

The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden is supported by the local hotel-motel tax (HOT funds) and by donations made by residents and businesses through their water billing statements. The City encourages Cedar Park residents and businesses to patronize local hotels and motels for out-of-town visitors, and to “check the box” on water bills to support art in Cedar Park. Additionally, the City of Cedar Park gratefully accepts individual and corporate donations to help support public art in Cedar Park, including the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden.



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Inspiration/meaning of piece, in artists' own words 

Cindy Debold
Stainless Steel
86" x 28" x 14"

'Glee' is the essence of the universal feeling of extreme happiness, using body language as the base. Glee is a
feeling more commonly expressed by children. The shiny stainless steel is symbolic of how happy feelings can radiate out to others. The shape of the heart and the fact that you can to the other side is symbolic of how pure love is transparent. The simplicity of the sculpture's form shows how a simple universal jester can be understood and felt
by many through art.

La Fiesta
Dan Pogue
90" x 46" x 30"
$29,000 danpoguesculpture.com



The Flame
George Sabra
13' x 6' x 6'
Granite and marble
$60,000* Sold  www.georgesabra.com


Ralph Moresco
80” x  33” x 33"

“A protector to watch over your dream.”


Anthony St. James
53" x 19" x 12"


The Gift of Love
Dan Pogue
7' X 2' X 2'


40 Million Years
Too Late

Bob Coffee
14” x 30” x 22” 

A raccoon family finds a fossil fish and wonders where their meal went.
 Sculpture-41 Gotcha Bird with Fish
Siri Dehipitiya
Cement and Metal
48" x 78"
City of Cedar Park    Permanent Collection
“Birds inspire me. They wander freely in the endless, limitless skies, reminding me of artists who are free to express with no boundaries. I have been engaged in sculpting human figures in clay for many years. After my training at Austin Community College in metal sculpting, I decided to create this piece as for a change in my pace and as a tribute to my inspirers.”

Play the Game
Warren Cullar
Cast bronze on steel balance
6' x 28" x 18"
City of Cedar Park
Permanent Collection

"Play the Game takes us back to our childhood when we solved the unsolvable problems using 'rock-paper- scissors'. The first idea came when I was working in my sculpture studio alongside another artist. We both looked up and said rock-paper-scissors at the same time. (It is) a simple idea expressed in bronze and identified by people around the world."

Eva Hemmi
27" x 24" x 7"

This bronze was inspired by a photograph of a man bent down holding a disk. It was so beautiful, strong, and powerful. I thought of several images using this particular pose. Dionysus the Greek God of Wine came to mind. I could use him in this pose that I found so appealing. Traditionally he holds three sprigs of ivy giving the piece a softer side. This piece is design to also be a fountain piece. The water falls under the leaf at the top center. 
 koala st james

Koala-T of Life
Anthony St. James
30" x 27" x 4.5" 

 Pop the Whip

Pop the Whip
Bob Coffee
2’4” x 4’6” x 1’6”

5 abstracted figures playing the old kids' game.



The Cedar Park Sculpture Garden
1435 Main Street
(adjacent to the Cedar Park Recreation Center in Town Center neighborhood)
Parks & Recreation: 512-401-5500