Code of Ordinances

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Please note: the following ordinances have been adopted by the City of Cedar Park City Council. Due to publication delays, the following ordinances have not yet been incorporated into the text of the Code of Ordinances.

 CO22.17.02.23.E1  February 23, 2017  Construction Speed Limit On Anderson Mill Road
 CO25.17.03.09.E1 March 9, 2017  Construction Speed Limit On RM 1431


 CO04.16.12.15.E1  December 15, 2016  Pool Fees, Appendix A, Article 12.0, Veteran Discount
 CO08.17.01.26.E1  January 26, 2017  Comprehensive Plan Amended - Missing Places


 January 26, 2017  Fire Code Amendments - Chapter 5
 CO21.17.02.09.E1  February 9, 2017  Parking Amendments - Chapter 17


Exhibit A

 March 9, 2017  Noise Regulation Amendments


Exhibit A

 March 9, 2017  Sign Ordinance Amendments
 CO28.17.03.23.E1  March 23, 2017  Civil Service - Educational and Incentive Pay

Code of Ordinances