Code of Ordinances

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Please note: the following ordinances have been adopted by the City of Cedar Park City Council. Due to publication delays, the following ordinances have not yet been incorporated into the text of the Code of Ordinances.

CO46.17.08.10.E1  August 10, 2017  Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)
CO47.17.08.24.E1  August 24, 2017  Network Nodes
CO01.17.10.26.E1  October 26, 2017  Strength of Force - Police Department
CO02.17.11.09.H1  November 9, 2017  Amendments To Zoning Ordinance
     Chapter 2 Animal Control Amendment
     Chapter 3 Building Regulations Amendment
     Chapter 8 Offenses and Nuisances Amendment
     Chapter 11 Zoning [Complete Rewrite]
 CO03.17.11.16.E1  November 16, 2017  Fencing Regulations


 December 7, 2017  Texas Municipal Retirement System ("TMRS") COLA Amendment
 CO14.18.01.18.EI  January 11, 2018  Adding Chapter 7 Personal Financial Disclosure
 CO17.18.02.08.E1  February 8, 2018  Chapter 6: Amending Farmer Market Hours
 CO02.14.10.23.C1  October 23, 2014  Chapter 12: Parkland Dedication Ordinance (codification needed)

Code of Ordinances