Candidate/Officeholder Finance Filings

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Title 15 of the Texas Election Code requires candidates and officeholders for city office to file reports of their campaign contributions and expenditures with the City Secretary.  The form and deadline for these reports are prescribed by the Texas Ethics Commission

The City Secretary does not complete, correct information, report on timeliness of filings, or the sufficiency of forms filed.  City Of Cedar Park Campaign Finance Filings Policy

As a service to the public, the various forms that have been filed with the City Secretary are posted below. 

Please note: Campaign Finance Reports are retained in accordance with the Texas State Library Retention Schedule. Current regulations require local governments to retain these reports for two (2) years from date of filing. 

Candidate/Officeholder January Semiannual Reports
July Semiannual
30 day  Reports 8 day Reports 
Bollier, Kristyne Jan 2018       
 Caputo, Cobby  Jan 2018      
 Duffy, Anne  Jan 2018      
 Jefts, Heather  Jan 2018      
 Lux, Jon  Jan 2018      
 Powell, Matt  Jan 2018      
 Talamo, Maria  Jan 2018      
 Thomas, Stephen  Jan 2018      
 Van Arsdale  Jan 2018      
 Bonds For Cedar Park  Jan 2018      
 Citizens For Cedar Park Jan 2018       
 Bollier, Kristyne  Jan 2017  July 2017    
 Caputo, Cobby  Jan 2017  July 2017    
 Duffy, Anne    July 2017  May 2017  May 2017
 Grimes, Lyle  Jan 2017  July 2017  May 2017  May 2017
 Jefts, Heather    July 2017  May 2017  May 2017
 Lux, Jon  Jan 2017  July 2017  May 2017  May 2017
 Norton, Kaden

 Jan 2017

Final Report C/OH-FR

 Powell, Matt  Jan 2017  July 2017    
Talamo, Maria Jan 2017  July 2017     
 Thomas, Stephen  Jan 2017  July 2017    
 Van Arsdale, Corbin  Jan 2017  July 2017    
 Bonds For Cedar Park  Jan 2017  July 2017    
 Citizens For Cedar Park  Jan 2017  July 2017  May 2017  May 2017


Bennett, Marshall     May 2016   May 2016
Bollier, Kristyne Jan 2016 July 2016

May 2016

May 2016 Amended

 May 2016
May 2016 Amended
Caputo, Cobby   July 2016

May 2016 

 May 2016
Grimes, Lyle Jan 2016 July 2016

Lux, Jon
Jan 2016
July 2016

Moore, Lowell
Jan 2016

Norton, Kaden   July 2016 May 2016  May 2016
Powell, Matt
Jan 2016 July 2016
May 2016
May 2016
Talamo, Maria

Jan 2016

Jan 2016 Amended

July 2016

May 2016

May 2016 Amended

May 2016
Thomas, Stephen
Jan 2016
July 2016

Van Arsdale, Corbin
Jan 2016
July 2016

Bonds For Cedar Park Jan 2016  July 2016     
Citizens For Cedar Park   July 2016  May 2016 May 2016 
On January 11, 2018, the City Council approved an ordinance [Chapter 7, Article 7.01] regulating Personal Financial Disclosures for Municipal Officers and Candidates for Municipal Office. The Personal Financial Disclosure is in addition to all other campaign finance reporting required by State Law. The Form PFS-Local as promulgated by the Texas Ethics Commission will be used for filing the personal financial disclosure statement. Texas Ethics Commission [Click Here]