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Remember the 4 Ps

Post Date:01/12/2018

Sub-freezing temperatures continue into Thursday.  Click here for the latest forecast from the National Weather Service.  

Trash/recycling pickup

Trash and recycling pickup will slide one day this week, due to icy conditions resulting in landfill closures on Tuesday.  

If your regularly-scheduled pickup day is: Your rescheduled pickup day is:
Tuesday, January 16 Wednesday, January 17
Wednesday, January 17 Thursday, January 18
Thursday, January 18 Friday, January 19
Friday, January 19 Saturday, January 20

Please note that this schedule is subject to change, depending on developing weather conditions.  Updates to this scheduled will be posted on this page as well as

If your trash/recycling is not picked up as scheduled above, please leave it out for delayed pickup, as landfill closures could result in crews running further behind this posted schedule.  We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  If you have additional concerns or your trash/recycling is not retrieved within two days of this sliding schedule please contact us at 512-401-5300 or

City offices/faclities
City offices will be open during regular business hours on Wednesday, January 17.  City offices are open for regular business hours on Wednesday, January 17, as weather conditions have improved for travel.  If you must be absent or are delayed due to weather, please coordinate with your supervisor.  We will keep this page updated through Thursday, January 18.  You may also check your City e-mail for any weather-related instructions by logging on at

4 ps cold weather people pets plants pipes

The Four Ps 
The City of Cedar Park Office of Emergency Management encourages everyone to have a plan, make a kit and stay informed.  With freezing weather on the way, it is especially important that you prepare.  When preparing for freezing weather, please remember the Four Ps: People, Pets, Pipes and Plants.

People - When temperatures are below freezing, it can be dangerous - even deadly.  We encourage everyone to stay inside of a building during freezing temperatures if possible and to dress in temperature-appropriate clothing.  For more information visit  

Pets - Freezing temperatures can be dangerous or deadly for your pets, too.  Please bring them inside if possible.  If it is not possible please make sure that they have shelter and something to keep them warm - such as hay.  For more information on how to keep your pets safe during the freeze, visit  

Pipes - Frozen pipes are no fun.  When pipes freeze they can burst, leading to expensive home damage.  Follow the following tips to prevent pipes from freezing:   

  • Be sure to wrap/insulate any exposed outdoor pipes and faucets. 
  • Indoors, leave one faucet to drip - usually at the sink located in the back of the house since water usually comes from the water line in front of your home.  This will keep water flowing through all of the pipes on the underside of the house. 
  • Keep your heater set to a minimum temperature of 50 to 60 degrees and open cabinet doors where sink pipes may be located.  All of this helps prevent pipes from freezing.    
  • Know in advance where your water shutoff valve is located.  It is usually in the front yard.  

What to do if your pipes freeze
In the unfortunate event that your pipes freeze, turn off your water at the shutoff valve.  If you cannot close your shutoff valve - or you have fire sprinklers that you cannot turn off - you can call 512-260-4600, press "0", and our Fire Fighters will assist you as soon as they are able.  You should also be prepared to contact a plumber and a water damage restoration company to help.

Plants - Last but not least, are plants.  Many of us have a lot invested in our plants.  Protect your investment by bringing potted plants indoors and covering bedded plants with a blanket, sheet or specially-made plant cover.  

The City of Cedar Park provides more robust information on how to have a plan, make a kit and stay informed on our Homeland Security and Emergency Management webpages.  In addition there are several links with helpful information on how you can be ready, including, and  

Drive Texas logo

Check for current driving conditions
Did you know that the Texas Department of Transportation features up-to-date information about current driving conditions across the state? With you can check which roads and bridges may be experiencing frozen conditions or are even closed - before you head out on your journey.  It's just one way to #StaySafeCedarPark!


CP Alert Me 2017

Sign up now for alerts

One tool that can help you stay informed is CP Alert Me, the City's emergency notification tool powered by Warn Central Texas.  When you sign up for CP Alert Me, you can choose to be notified via phone call to your home and/or office phone, mobile phone, text message and even e-mail.  

Even if you have signed up for CP Alert Me in the past, it is very important that you take a moment to log in and check your information.  If you have trouble logging in go ahead and either create a new managed account or click on review and submit your information.  Either way it should work for you.  For more details click here.








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